Boating Accident

"Client experienced a major hip and a head injury, when the driver of the boat that was pulling her on an inflatable tube carelessly rammed another boat. Case settled with Automobile Club for policy limits of $300,000.00."

— R.G.


Bicycle Accident

A cyclist was stuck by a truck approaching from behind, causing a spinal fracture and significant rehabilitation. Case settled for the defendant’s policy limits of $1,150,000.


Governmental Liability

“Client vehicle overturned after when it struck construction plates in the middle of a highway lane, causing automobile to flip over. We were able to establish that the plates were not installed properly. Client sustained a spinal Injury. Case settled for $390,000.00 against the City.”

— S.L.


Products Liability

“Client was injured by a defective exercise machine while working out at the gym causing a finger crush that later resulted in Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy. We were successful in demonstrating an improper design of the exercise machine. Case went to trial and jury awarded for $1,250,000.”

— M.L.


Rental Car Company Liability

Wrongful Death claim where client was a passenger in a vehicle who was struck by an out of country driver, who was allowed to rent a vehicle without a driver’s license. Claim brought against rental car company for negligent entrustment. Case settled with rental car company for $550,000.00.


Construction Accident

“Client was working on a construction site inspecting an air conditioning unit when he fell through a hole in the floor that was not properly covered resulting in his death. Settled for $1,099,000.00 with Golden Eagle Insurance.”

— Y.S.


Pedestrian Accident

“Client was struck by vehicle while walking in a cross walk. Adverse driver argued he had the green light and the client had entered the cross walk against the red light. Severe major internal injuries. Settled for $1,000,000.00 with National Union Fire Ins.”

— J.M.G.


School District Liability

“Special Education student allowed to walk to bus on her own without supervision and was struck by a vehicle crossing the street and suffered head injury. Case settled for $350,000.00 with Irvine Unified School District.”

— N.M.


Motorcycle Accident

“Motorcycle rider was struck by vacationing driver rounding a curve. We successfully established the defendant driver was in the course and scope of employment, even though they were on vacation and only had $15,000 in liability insurance. We obtained the employers’ $1,000,000.00 policy. This case was turned down by three law firms before we took on the case.”

— A.D.


Premises Liability

“Minor child drowned in a pool after getting through a hole in the fence where the metal bars were missing in the security gate. Case settled for policy limits of $1,000,000.00 with Farmers Insurance.”

— S.M.


Pedestrian Accident

“Young mother of four sustained severe pelvic and internal injuries after she was struck by a trash truck while standing on the corner of an intersection. The trash truck driver alleged the client stepped off the curb after he had almost completed his turn. Case settled with Fireman’s Fund/AIG for $2,700,000.”

— L.C.


Motor Vehicle Accident

“Client was severely injured when rounding a curve on the freeway and struck a disabled tractor trailer left in the roadway and sustained fractures to both legs. Client’s profession was bull riding and he made a great recovery. We were able to establish the tractor trailer had a defect causing it to detach on the freeway. Case settled for $300,000.00 policy limits of the driver, but due to our diligence in obtaining liability against the tractor trailer company, the total settlement was $1,500,000.00 with St. Paul/Continental Insurance.”

— M.O.


Toxic Exposure

“Employees working for paper company were exposed to toxins in the work place and suffered from lung and breathing issues. Case settled with company for $1,200,000.00.”

— T.D.