August 8, 2019

Posted: August 8, 2019 | Insurance

Am I Covered For That?

Am I Covered For That?
Most of us carry various types of insurance including auto, health, life, homeowners, and some more unusual polices for GAP that covers the balance of a loan when your vehicle is declared a total loss.  Or if you are Jennifer Lopez, you can actually insure your ASSets!

What many don’t know is what these various policies actually cover. Here is a short list of incidents that are covered by the various policies that may be news to you.  

Auto Insurance
Many people do not know that your auto policy covers you as a pedestrian, if you were hit by a vehicle that either had no insurance, or it was under insured.
Along the same lines, your auto policy can cover you or your children if you are struck while operating a bicycle.  Should you cause an accident and get sued by the adverse driver your defense attorney fees would be covered at no cost to you.

Homeowners Insurance

Identify Theft Expenses

Some homeowner policies cover expenses that arise from identity theft that include fees from reapplying for loans, attorneys fees and lost wages.
Animal Bites

If you are a dog owner and your animal happens to bite or attack someone, your homeowners insurance policy can cover any damages that could be incurred.


Be aware, however, that damages caused as a result of an earthquake are NOT covered by your homeowners policy unless you have purchased a separate earthquake policy.

Health Insurance
One major goal of health insurance companies is to keep you healthy.  Overall general health of its membership is a priority for all health insurance companies.  A way to achieve this is weight loss counseling.  This coverage may include visits with a dietician and discounts for gym memberships. Mental health is also a major concern for a lot of individuals and many times counseling or therapy will be covered by their health insurance as well.
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