Tips on how to avoid getting bit by a vicious dog

Many dog bites can be prevented with a little planning and practice. We know because as a California dog bite attorney, we have hired the best experts in the Country to help us recover damages when a client has been bitten. Here are some tried and true methods of preventing a bite.

  1. Never run from a dog that is running at you, unless you are absolutely sure you can escape. Running encourages a chase mode. The dog may think you are playing and nip at your leg, or anticipates that you are escaping and want to stop you. In either scenario, unless you know you can get away, running can be a bad idea. Instead, try actually moving toward the dog. This action sometimes confuses the dog, and many times, stops an attack.
  2. Don't look a dog, angry or not, in the face or eyes directly. This gives the dog a sense of challenge. Some dogs do not react, but others, out of fear, may react to you, lunge, bark or try to challenge you. It is best to avoid directly looking at the face of a dog you do not know.
  3. Don't let small children play around a dog, even if it has been docile in the past. Many cases arise when a child is bitten from a dog that never showed any aggression before, but got fed up with the child.
  4. Don't allow children or adults to pick up or play with toys or food of the dog, until they know the dog well. Territorial instincts can make the dog turn aggressive.
  5. If a dog appears intent on biting you, keep arms free and ahead of you to fend off an attack. Better a bite on your arm than the dog knocking you to the ground. Also don't pull your arms in close to your body, for fear the dog will bite them. It may bite your leg more fiercely. A dog is less likely to bite you if you show little fear and respond without challenging the dog, but without flight either.

Naturally if you are bitten, immediately secure the dog if possible and apply direct pressure to the wound. Seek medical attention for deep punctures and call a California dog bite attorney at 866-981-5596 if you need to obtain compensation for your injuries.

by James E. Ballidis

James Ballidis is the managing attorney for Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie and has been practicing personal injury law for 25 years.

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