The other driver admitted fault, and his insurance company said they'd pay my medical bills. But that was 4 weeks ago.

These familiar words echo from potential clients more than any other. Insurance companies are notoriously slow to react to your needs or claim. There is a simple reason; they have no incentive to do so. In fact, most insruance company representatives first are instructed to make sure liability is not adverse to you by requesting a copy of the police report, (normally that takes 10 days) even in a rear end accident. They also want a recorded statement, which is not required, to adjust your car damage or personal inujury claim. They want the statement to trap you to say things that may damage your case, claim "I am really not hurt that bad," or to say something about the accident that helps them defend the case. Your remedy is to hold fast, and do what an attorney would do. Start writing letters daily on the failure to adjust the claim. Tell them point blank, you are not going to give a recorded statement, and you will seek loss of use damages for every day they do not adjust your car. You can also make the insurance company pay for the cost of storage and towing, and if it is a total loss, the value of license fees and other costs.

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