Should I try to settle my case before hiring an Orange County auto accident attorney?

If you have a small personal injury case with hardly any physical injury, of course you should try to settle it yourself. An Orange County personal injury attorney is not interested in that type of case. Of course if you need help, feel free to call us at 1 866-981-5596.

If you have been more seriously injured you should not try to settle your case yourself. You can do serious harm to the valuation of your case that may show you the three ways.

First, you are not experienced in the evaluation of personal injuries and personal injury cases. An insurance company has to set a reserve. If you don't know what a reserve is read this article. If you allow the reserve to be set too low it is unlikely you will ever receive fair compensation for your case without trial. Therefore it is imperative that you not try to open settlement negotiations which will cause the reserves to be set low.

How do the reserves get set too low? If you do not have to properly prepared medical reports documenting your injuries, the adjuster will such a reserves too low. If you have not estimated your future medical expenses properly and reasonably you stand a chance of being pigeonholed into smaller case value. Your failure to document your diagnosis and specific injury through a professionally prepared medical report of, at the cost of about $500, lazy adjuster to assume your reserve. Naturally adjusters don't overestimate the value of cases.

Second, if you have never worked in the insurance industry, you do not understand the insurance reimbursement obligations and liens. If you settle your case without considering these liens, the entire net settlement to you may be required to be paid to your health insurance carrier or to reimburse your medical payments carrier.

Lastly, if you make an unreasonably high demand you tell the adjuster that you are greedy, out for money, and unrealistic. Your file gets marked with this information and settlement offers are therefore less likely to be fair and reasonable. If on the other hand you underestimate the value of your case, and the insurance company senses you would take less than full value, later it is virtually impossible, without trial, for the attorney to obtain a better settlement for you.

We are confident that we can get you much more net dollars in your pocket if you allow us for present you than you'll ever be able to do on your own. Let us prove it to you.

Call us at 1 866-981-5596 today. We will evaluate your case and we will tell you promptly whether we feel we can add value to your case.

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