Are truck drivers liable for my injury if they cause an accident?

Both truck drivers and their companies are liable for your injuries if they caused an accident. Many accidents are caused by trucks each day. To prove a truck driver caused your accident and is liable, you need to judge the drivers conduct against what a skilled truck driver should do. As an example, if a truck driver is swinging wide on a turn and does not use a signal, they will be liable for cutting off a vehicle in the right lane, becacsue a normal prudent truck driver has been trained to know that cars will move into that lane if there is no signal by the truck driver.

Also trucks cannot travel to close to you on the road. It takes a lot longer for a truck to stop that for you to stop. Therefore they should leave more room to slow and stop for traffic ahead of them.

Truck companies go the accident scenes early and try to interview witnesses. That is why you never want to be without your own protection, a California Truck Accident attorney that can make sure your version of the accident is supported by witnesses and the police department. You may also need medical care for your injuries. Call us if you want to have us consider your case at 1 866-981-5596 or you can contact us at the request sheet to the right. In either case, you will find us knowledgable and helpful with all your concerns and questions. For 35 years we have offered truck accident victims the rights and recovery they deserve.

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